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The REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner – Discover the biggest trend 2017!

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Spinner? Of course!


REFLECTS Fidget-spinner? What is that?

A toy that conquers Europe! Since the beginning of the year, the toy hype of the Fidget Spinner has brought a lot of joy and spread fast around the continent. Internet sites such as Specialist pages and You tube videos enable fans to learn tricks and join in on the fun. The most popular hand toy is the three-leaf version and is available in countless variations.

Our REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner is a fascinating, small hand held toy, which can be rotated quietly between the thumb and index finger, like a vibrating propeller. This product is unlike others and cannot be compared to fidgeting with ball point pens or other tools. This spinner helps individuals that need stress relieve, suffer from anxiety, boredom and brings happiness. It even prevents unhealthy habits such as smoking. The REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner promotes concentration and fits into every pocket. It is the ideal toy in the office.

How can branding be done on the REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner?

The REFLECTS-Fidget Spinner can be branded by an expressive all-over printing. It can incorporate photorealistic motifs. Depending on the motif, one has excellent options of dense, soft and gradients colors. Texts are clear and legible. This method can be implemented quickly with no complications.

Alternatively, a pad-printing can be made which is ideal for plastic finishing and multi-colored logos.