Glass Cleaning Cloth- Keep it Clean!

Whether they are used purely for reading or clear vision, as sun protection or as fashionable accessories, glasses can be found in almost every household and on the ends of even more noses. Those who wear glasses know that they need a thorough clean more than once a day. Glass Cleaning Cloth are the perfect solution!

Where better to place your promotional message than on a product that is held in the hand practically every day? If you have glasses cleaning cloths, then you also use them. Our glasses cleaning cloths come in a wide range of sizes and designs and can also be nicely packaged if required. They can also be used to clean other sensitive surfaces such as lenses, displays, electronic articles, jewellery, CDs and watch glasses. In addition, we can produce cases for safely storing your glasses, mobile phone, camera or other sensitive equipment. We will be happy to advise you.