Display Cleaner – Spotless with style

Practical and durable advertising can be so simple. Our REFLECTS display cleaners are attached directly onto the mobile phone, MP3 player, camera or glasses case and are always on hand.

The REFLECTS display cleaner is made of high-quality microfibre and is ideal for cleaning smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and many other items. It gently removes fingerprints, dirt and dust from interactive surfaces as well as camera lenses and glasses. The unprinted side sticks to many different kinds of smooth and rough surfaces – such as the underside of smartphones – and is always on hand and ready to use. The REFLECTS display cleaners are digitally printed on one side and attached to a paper card, which is also customised in line with your requirements using the four-colour printing process. You can find further information in our latest REFLECTS Concept catalogue, or simply give us a call!