Whether in the VIP lounge at the racetrack or in the half pipe, Lanyards are indispensable accessories at events and trade fairs.


Key ring, case or bag – virtually anything can be made of felt. We will use the fashionable and hard-wearing material to produce a custom design that you are sure to love!


The pins that used to adorn the lapels of ‘distinguished’ contemporaries for many a decade can now be seen virtually everywhere.

Caddy chips

The caddy chips – always on hand as a practical helper. Save your customers from having to search for small change every time they go to the supermarket. They will thank you for it.

USB Sticks

The USB memory stick is more popular than ever before. Brilliant pictures, company presentations, business documents, sound recordings and much more besides can be stored on a device that is no bigger than your little finger!

Display Cleaner

Practical and durable advertising can be so simple. Our REFLECTS Display Cleaner are attached directly onto the mobile phone, MP3 player, camera or glasses case and are always on hand.

Smartphone and tablet covers

Smartphones and tablets can be addictive. They are indispensable as lifestyle accessories, organisers and, above all, communication tools. Our smartphone covers provide perfect protection for your mini office!

Glasses cleaning cloths

Whether they are used purely for reading or clear vision, as sun protection or as fashionable accessories, glasses can be found in almost every household and on the ends of even more noses. Keep it clean with a glasses cleaning cloths.

REFLECTS Powerbanks

We love talking and chatting on the phone or surfing the internet. So the most popular objects among the peripheral devices in the communications sector are rechargeable batteries, which provide current reserves on the road. Our REFLECTS Powerbanks! will help you out!