The Specialists

REFLECTS is your perfect sales partner, able to offer many goods and services in-house. We are extremely flexible allowing our specialists to quickly prepare and deliver goods to our customers in no time at all.. We are specialists always at your service!

Products are chosen carefully, many of them specially designed for you and of course tested for product safety.

Customization such as laser engraving, doming, UV and pad printing are realised in house to shorten delivery times. We’d be happy to help you to choose which form of customization your product is suited to.

In preparing your product we can support and assist with our graphics department in realising your aims with our specialists.


Laser engraving

Laser engraving is the queen of customizing technologies and states expertise and good technical equipment. REFLECTS is very well equipped with Yag, fibre and CO2 lasers. When choosing articles we make sure of their characteristics for customizing purposes and how best to apply laser engraving. In other words we check customizing properties before we select a product. An individual form is constructed for each product. Products are polished and carefully unpacked and repacked.


Doming is a very flexible form of customizing. It makes a lot of shapes possible. Doming is perfect for multicoloured designs and can e.g. be used individually and in small order quantities if desired. The artificial resin appearance gives your logo plasticity and depth as well as being quite hard-wearing and economical. We produce your doming products in a special dust free environment by hand to ensure best results.

UV printing

This is a form of direct printing applied directly to the product surface and then hardened with UV light. It gives the printing a special velvety appearance making it look especially high value. Photo motifs can be realised even in small order quantities. UV printing, a process that carries on from where pad printing reaches its limits.

Pad printing

Pad printing is very popular for our REFLECTS in house printing works. It’s a method that is ideal for use with synthetic surfaces and multicoloured logos. Some metal surfaces and other materials can also be printed on using this method. Our machine park is of course ultra modern and we are committed to keeping up with the state of the art. REFLECTS’s printing works employs qualified pros who know their way around all the preparatory steps, ink mixtures, programmes and machines.

Produktsourcing- and Design

Products, products, products – they’re what our development and purchasing department focuses on. This is where sourcing takes place – where customized products, neutral products and individual customizations are created, designed and sold. Our product managers test promotional articles extremely thoroughly before they are marketed. Our procurement team build the foundation for our sales team, who serve as contacts for all our clients offering advice, assistance and support wherever needed.

Some ideas need to be helped onto the market by designers, both in house and third party. We accompany every design process in detail from idea via prototype and viability testing to finished product. Our designers realise whatever you ask for. Discover singular and unique products every year exclusively in our product range.

Marketing and graphics

Good marketing is clear and authentic. It demonstrates a love of the product and company values and expertise. This is always our goal. We can help you market your product successfully with a good marketing concept, flyers, catalogues, campaigns and mailings.

Who said you have to do your own graphics? REFLECTS can help here whenever you need to give your logo a final spit and polish. Our graphics designers will do the designing and get your message across emotionally and aesthetically whether it is on your product or its packaging. If you would like to do a bit yourself they’ll help you do that too.