Math was never your strong point? The time has come to change that. Call it ‘the arithmetic of advertising’ and find out what our mathematical wizards can do. Calculators


There are so many different objects standing and lying around the office for instance pen holders, paper-clip holders, letter openers, notepads, business card wallets, rulers, sticky tape dispensers and calendars. Notice anything? You should be advertising here. Right on the product!

Writing and more

Ballpoint pens, pencils, roller pens and – for highly discerning individuals –fountain pens are instruments for passionate people. ‘Writing is a delightful passion,’ Flaubert once asserted. That depends on the kind of writing instrument you use. Writing and more …


There’s no place like Home. It’s the place to which you always wish to return when you want to spend some time by yourself. Home is where the heart is. Warmth, security and beauty are all a must here.

Food and drink

Beautiful cutlery and crockery, brilliant kitchen equipment capable of inspiring the chef, and a wonderful ambience are all mousse au chocolat for the soul. Many fantastic dinners have led to the establishment of a lifelong (business) relationship. Food and drink


What comes to mind when you read ‘red’? And ‘green’? Colour and technical expertise arouse positive emotions. That is precisely our intention with the LOLLICLOCK watch and clock collection – to link your corporate image with pleasing qualities.


Time is just about the nicest gift you can give somebody. Watches have high symbolic value and are associated with principles, longevity and presence. Some of the watches in our collection have a minimum order size of just 25, with your promotional message added lovingly by hand.

Time and weather

Give your customers a date with the sun and save them having to take their umbrella. Our alarm clocks, table clocks, wall clocks and weather stations will ensure that both parties turn up on time. Time and weather

Key rings

Closed doors are a thing of the past. With key rings as a cost-effective giveaway at trade fairs, an on-pack promotional item or a free gift in mailing campaigns, they at least make it into the living rooms of your customers. Key rings


Are you a smartphone junkie? We won’t make you seek treatment for your addiction, because like millions of other users we also share your passion! So let’s use it as an advertising opportunity! Technology

LED and lasers

Promotional items bring your advertising to light – in the truest sense of the word when they take the form of an LED torch or laser pointer from the REFLECTS range.
LED and lasers


Those who turn the screw know what makes the engine tick. Can you expertly turn your hand to anything? Then you will find the right tools for your advertising here! Tools


The perfect little helpers for anyone’s dream trip is right here! The ultimate travel essentials fit in and on your suitcase as well as in your hand luggage. What’s more, it is both attractive and helpful.

Reflex Wristwatches

Promotional items bring your advertising to light – in the truest sense of the word when they take the form of an LED torch or laser pointer from the REFLECTS range.
Reflex Wristwatches