The REFLECTS Catalogues 2018




Discover our whole product range with our catalog REFLECTS COMPLETE 2018!


A watch is a very unique piece of jewelery! We can help you to find the perfect one or our experts can help you create your very own individual watch! Browse our catalog REFLECTS TIME 2018!


Pins, Lanyards, Smartphone Covers, Displaycleaners and much more! Individual and custom made – Discover the endless possibilities with our catalog REFLECTS CONCEPT!


A cooperation between two brands which is fun: REFLECTS presents the unique DURACELL flashlights. Seven different DURACELL FLASHLIGHTS series prove that many years of technological experience count.


With our COLLECTION500 we have developed a system that offers you the maximum flexibility to realize the complete collection with only one logolabel.
One PLATE fits all – fast, easy and cheap.
Benefit from flexible order quantities, top quality with tested products and fast delivery times.
This is what brand image is about – present your own COLLECTION500 in the noble aluminum suitcase and convince visibly.


REFLECTS-UV-Print turns giveaways into idea carriers!
Small effort, great effect!
REFLECTS-UV-print, that is printing with light. It is also called digital printing, UV direct printing or photoprint. Unlike other printing processes the ink does not dry in the air but is cured by ultraviolet light. The colours give the article a velvety surface.