The REFLECTS Catalog 2017


Discover our whole product range with our catalog REFLECTS COMPLETE 2017!


We communicate differently, faster, more comprehensive and more compact than ever before. The entertaining Internet and its related technologies determine our actions. The USB flash drive is now just as common practice as the music transmission via induction or Bluetooth® technology. Smartphones contain the shopping list, the sports program, the bus schedule and replace the camera. Self-portraits in between are a matter of course and can be found in the social network again. Pens are upgraded with input pen functions and mobile chargers make us independent of the power supply. It‘s amazing what‘s out there! Discover everything in our NEW catalog REFLECTS ELECTRONICS 2017!


Pins, Lanyards, Smartphone Covers, Displaycleaners and much more! Individual and custom made – Discover the endless possibilities with our catalog REFLECTS CONCEPT!


A watch is a very unique piece of jewelery! We can help you to find the perfect one or our experts can help you create your very own individual watch! Browse our catalog REFLECTS TIME 2017!

A cooperation between two brands which is fun: REFLECTS presents the unique DURACELL flashlights. Seven different DURACELL FLASHLIGHTS series prove that many years of technological experience count.